Tracking Animal Movements

This is a web-based geovisualization framework that can animate geographic moves of animals in Starkey Project. Each node represents a species and the colors green is used for elk, blue for deer and red for cattle. The animation of the different species help discover grouping and dispersion of animals across a variety of locations.

The Starkey Project is one of the most comprehensive field research projects ever attempted. Studies examine key questions about elk, timber, cattle, deer, recreation uses and nutrient flows on National Forests. An automated radio telemetry system automatically tracks locations with computers, which requires less fieldwork from biologists. The system uses Loran-C technology, the same technology used by the Coast Guard, Navy, and other maritime vessels to pin-point their locations in the ocean. Regularly monitoring animal movements helps researchers answer questions about the response of deer and elk to intensive timber management, cattle grazing, vehicle traffic and hunting on National Forests. The Loran-C tracking system provides the most accurate, efficient and cost-effective vehicle, for recording animal movements over several years.