Commodity Flows in the United States


Commodity Flow Mapper is an interactive flow mapping application that depicts commodity flow data in the U.S. from 2007.Using the controls provided by the top panel, you may switch between commodity types and display commodity flows by either their value in million dollars or tons in thousands. For example, you may select all commodity flows or flows of a particular type of commodity such as cereal grains, tobacco products and coal, and display the volumes in terms of the cumulative values or tons. Using the controls, you may also customize the color, size, and symbols of the flow map. A legend is provided to convey the classification of the flow symbology.

The data for commodity flows is based on The Commodity Flow Survey (CFS), undertaken through a partnership between the Census Bureau and the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS). The CFS is conducted every 5 years (years ending in "2" and "7") as part of the Economic Census and produces data on the movement of goods in the United States. It provides information on commodities shipped, their value, weight, and mode of transportation, as well as the origin and destination of shipments of commodities from manufacturing, mining, wholesale, and selected retail and services establishments. The data is freely available on the following link: